Integrative Movement


    Wellness Through Movement

    The Integrative Movement Experience (IME) is a dynamic way to use sound to enhance the health of your body and mind. This integrative sound experience is intentionally designed to assist you in finding your inner rhythm through elemental, bass, and pure tone sounds.

    The IME can help you reduce stress, connect with natural rhythms, and feel rejuvenated. Feel free to move or dance, as it feels right for you. You’re welcome to flow in and out of freestyle movement, stretching, yoga, dance, meditation, or a resting position as the IME unfolds. 

    Mark Chindemi of Chinwa Rhythms will be facilitating guided instrumentation with ancient devices such as the didgeridoo, drums, flutes and other percussion instruments.

    These organic sounds provide space for a non-verbal, rhythmical, and interactive journey to unite the movers and music. All ages and experience levels are welcome!

    Our IME Can Help You:

    Reduce Stress

    Release tension as you become immersed in live elemental percussive beats and rhythms

    Increase Vitality

    Experience a physical wellness practice where you are in control of the pace

    Connect With Others

    Practice expression through movement in a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental space 

    How It Works

    Start Slowly

    Arrive to a slow and relaxed tempo of live percussion instruments

    Pick Up The Pace

    We gradually increase the tempo with invigorating tribal beats

    Wind Down

    The pulse of the beat slows and we close with optional group sharing and discussion

    Our IME Agreements

    To maintain the highest level of comfort and integrity we ask that participants agree to the following:

    Be clear-minded

    This is an alcohol and drug free environment.


    Be silent

    With the exception of being in the social area please refrain from conversation. This helps maximize connection to the music, yourself, and others.

    Move as you wish

    Let go of any shame and judgment and let your body move freely.

    Keep shoes & smartphones off

    If you need shoes for foot health, we welcome soft-soled indoor shoes. Please refrain from using your phone and taking any photos or videos.

    Respect yourself

    Listen to your body and move in a way that feels right for you. Take breaks as needed and enjoy the experience.

    Respect the space

    Respect the space of others and the collective space. Please refrain from wearing any perfumes or fragrances.

    * We support family-togetherness and welcome children provided they are supervised, and respect these agreements.

    Still Have Questions?