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I’m Lauren Bartfai

Facilitator. Speaker. Artist.

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Restore energy and focus

Reduce stress and increase resilience

Improve well-being and connection

Supporting a Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Lauren Bartfai founded Sonic Expressions to help people discover and experience innovative strategies that support a healthy and resilient mind and body.

 Sonic Expressions helps individuals who feel overloaded. We use sound to focus your mind, restore energy, and improve your mind-body connection.

At Sonic Expressions, we have developed proactive and strategic services grounded in therapeutic sound tools and our Sound Living Framework. We blend natural elements with technology and science to deliver innovative services that can increase energy, focus and well-being.

Sound Mind Training

Explore a holistic and scientific approach to restoring focus and energy

Sonic Mindfulness

Cultivate a simple and restorative practice to enhance health and well-being 

Our Testimonials

“Niagara College Community Employment Services has engaged Laurens’ services on several occasions; both for staff, as professional development, and to clients.

Clients have found her sessions very valuable, and enjoy the uniqueness in her presentation of the material. They also really appreciated the ‘hands on’ activities that were included. Each group has provided positive feedback, with several participants expressing interest in future workshops offered. Lauren is a motivating and engaging facilitator. Highly recommended!”

Rebecca Nicolla

Manager, Niagara College Community Employment Services

Collaborating with Lauren was amazing. After our first meeting I was ready to book a yoga and sound Workshop. Bringing her sound into my yoga space was beautiful. Not only that, she was able to educate my yoga participants on the benefits of a yoga and sounds practice which added so much value to the workshop. My first workshop sold out and we booked another soon after. Now, my yoga community is asking for more! I can’t wait to hear Lauren play again! Namaste


Owner, Ashley Avis Yoga

When I got to work with Lauren one-on-one, it was a very nourishing and informative experience. I was surprised at how incredible I felt. I felt deeply rejuvenated and energized. I had no idea sound had the power to do that. If you want to relax, de-stress or just improve your overall well-being, it is a must that you work with Lauren and Sonic Expressions!

Nancy Ma

Physiotherapist, Yoga Vine

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